From as little as R 75 per rental*.

Simply load the Mobile Assist App onto your mobile and you will have access to a range of services offered by Firefly Car Rental, to make your travelling experience as comfortable, safe and hassle-free as possible.

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Mobile Assist App Services:

  • Roadside Assistance
    Gets you immediate assistance with issues relating to your vehicle, such as a flat battery or tyre and a tow-in service.
  • Medical Assistance
    Access to medical transport of patients with illnesses and injuries which prevent the patient from transporting themselves.
  • Legal Assistance
    In the event that you find yourself on the receiving end of an arrest, we will link you up with legal assistance.
  • Accommodation Advice
    Your link to accommodation in your specified area, budget and taste booked for your comfort and convenience.
  • Directions
    If you’re lost or simply in need of directions to your destination, directions will be sent to you via SMS.

MOBILE ASSIST APP Benefits Who pays Up to ZAR
Roadside Assistance
Flat battery: jump start only Covered R 500
Flat tyre: change of tyre Covered R 500
Keys locked in car: unlocking only Covered R 500
Fuel assistance: limited to 5 litres per incident Covered 3 x per annum
Minor roadside assistance – running repairs (electrical, coil, immobilizer etc.) Covered R 500
Transmission of urgent messages Free
Towing Per Annum
Accident Covered R 5 000
Mechanical breakdown Covered R 5 000
Electrical breakdown Covered R 5 000
Repatriation Covered R 5 000
Lawyer SOS
Access to a lawyer in the event of arrest only Covered Unrestricted
Bail assist Covered Unrestricted
After arrest, client may make use of attorney at own cost Client Unrestricted
Emergency Medical Assistance
Emergency medical response Covered Unrestricted
Medical transportation Covered Unrestricted
Medical repatriation Covered Unrestricted
Referrals to crisis line Covered Unrestricted
Referrals to medical practitioners Covered Unrestricted
Hotel Accommodation
Call centre will assist with advice Free Unrestricted
Call centre will assist with any directions Free Unrestricted

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