What is required from me when collecting my Vehicle?

The Renter will need to have the following when collecting their Vehicle:

  • Credit card in the main Renter’s name
  • Valid driver’s license (International visitors will need to produce a valid passport as well)

If you have pre-paid your rental you will need to produce the same credit card that was used for the rental.

Why do I pay an Accident Administration Fee?

An administration fee is charged by the Lessor, per incident, for the processing of claims and assessors’ fees relating to damage or loss incurred in respect of, or theft of, the Vehicle, as set out in the Rental Form.

Accident Administration Fee, R 741.00 per incident (including VAT).

What is an Additional Driver?

Only the person who signed the rental agreement is authorised to drive the Vehicle unless additional drivers is listed on the rental agreement. An Additional Driver Fee is levied to cover the renter’s liability.  If an unlisted driver is involved in an accident or theft of the Vehicle occurs, the renter will be liable for the full damage and/or replacement costs.

Additional Driver Fee, R 350.00 per driver, per rental (including VAT).

What is Airport Surcharge and why do I have to pay?

The Airport Company of SA (ACSA) subjects all car rental operators to additional rent charges to trade from these locations. Instead of applying these additional costs across all rates, they are applied to where the expense is incurred and are generally around 12% of the Time and Kilometer rates of the rental contract.

Is there a Cancellation Fee?

If a reservation is not cancelled within 24 hours prior to the pickup time, a Cancellation Fee will be billed as per the reservation confirmation.

Cancellation Fee, R 350.00 per reservation (including VAT).

Why do I pay a Deposit?

A R 1650.00 deposit for all credit card related rentals, is taken at time of rental for estimated rental plus an additional deposit for extras including a fuel deposit and 100% of the applicable responsibility.

Upon returning your Vehicle, your credit card will be debited with the final amount due and the difference of what was being held will be released.

Please note: Banks can take up to 21 working days to refund rental deposits and/or cancel authorisations.

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What type of Driver’s Licences do we accept?

Renter must be in possession of a valid, unendorsed local or international Driver’s License and this must be produced at time of rental. Driver’s Licences must be carried on all persons at all times whilst driving in South Africa. The minimum age for rental from Firefly Car Rental South Africa is 18 years.

Why do I pay a Fine Handling Fee?

Firefly Car Rental South Africa applies a Fine Handling Fee which is charged in the event that we receive a traffic infringement, incurred by the renter but not settled by the renter. It does not replace the fine amount which the renter must settle directly with the relevant traffic authority.

Due to the administration and additional information required by the eNatis (National Traffic Information System) and the traffic law enforcement authorities when handling traffic fines, this fee covers these expenses accordingly.

Fine Handling Fee, R 295.00 per traffic infringement (including VAT).

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Why do I need to return the Vehicle full of fuel?

Vehicles are delivered with a full tank of fuel and the Renter can either fill the tank or we can fill it for you. The Renter is charged for refueling the Vehicle upon termination of rental. Fuel consumption is gauged from rental station to rental station.

Why do I pay a Contract Fee?

There is a legal requirement to store documents for a period of five years and the cost of administering, storing and retrieving documents necessitates an amount be charged per rental contract.

Contract Fee, R 79.00 per rental (including VAT).

What is Tourism Levy and why do I have to pay?

Members of SAVRALA (South African Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association) agreed to impose a 1% Tourism Levy of the Time and Kilometer rates of the rental contract, to be used to promote tourism in South Africa.

When do I have to pay a Valet Charge?

In the event that the interior of the Vehicle has been soiled or marked, a fee for Valet cleaning will be charged accordingly.

Valet Charge, R 700.00 per vehicle (including VAT).

Why do I have to pay Value Added Tax?

All charges reflected on rates’ brochures and website rates and tariff pages are inclusive of government’s 15% VAT.